by Inconnu

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released August 20, 2016

All songs written, recorded and mixed by Inconnu
Front cover artwork by Molly Neimann
Copyright Inconnu 2016



all rights reserved


Inconnu Michigan

Inconnu is a disembodied being attempting to make contact with the outside world. Inhabiting a sole host, it's message is delivered, manifesting itself in often haunting and lush folk arrangements, with a voice that explores the duality of a life that is unable to distinguish between solace and companionship. ... more

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Track Name: Bliss
I know that you murdered her
I saw it
Ripped apart thrown in the dirt
You would now

So blame as you please
But the song is unseen
It is one thing I cannot stand

I know that you’re pitiful
I need that
Beauty in being crippled
I’m watching

In the darkest abyss
Is the brightest bliss
Because in which there is no room for fault
fault, fault, fault

A shitty dog knows no new tricks
You are one
Bloody and disgusting, yes
What are you?

Shaken out and bled
All that’s left is your head
swollen piece of misery
your loss
Track Name: God is a Desert
God is a desert
Sands wrap his greatest gift
Dark liquid of sun
Lies just beneath the rift

Unite with bloodshed
These holy, holiest lands
Navigate it’s soul
With holy, holiest hands

In this luscious pursuit
Our kin, they will live on
Through man’s holy dispute
Our dreams, they will move on

(From the ashes of truth)
Our eyes, they will dissolve)

Fight for blessed sun
Cast fires unto them
Take our needy hands
Through these, these chosen sands

Burn this blood in earth
Lest enemies do the same
The scriptures foretold
That it is in our name

And the suited news man tells you that
it’s for you and me

And the tall tale fable speaks in tongues
preaching that it’s for you and me

And the sky bleeds red and orange for
half a century for all to see

And the earth spits hollowed out of
all its blood the world is now falling down

falling down
falling down
falling down
Track Name: Little Bettie
little bettie is
feeling fine
little bettie is
feeling kind

she’s on that elixer
hoping it will fix her

little freddie is
feeling low
little freddie is
feeling slow

he’s taken a hit
a dose to help him sit

too much
too little

little shelbie was
acting strange
little shelbie was
quite deranged

she talked to all her dolls
swore they were her pals

too much
too little